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Bella Union & Eurovision: a match made in heaven

I fell in love with Eurovision after a Bella Union experience three years ago. The song contest has been building its profile in Australia ever since Australia somehow weaselled its way into it a few years back. Why are we there? No one knows! It doesn’t matter though — our inclusion has exploded the event’s popularity, and Eurovision parties are now a thing.

No one, and I mean no one, does a Eurovision party better than Bella Union. Its part the crowd that goes (dress ups aplenty) and part the effort organisers go to make the experience unique. When I first went it was the year of Conchita. Taking advantage of the lag we face, the organisers organised for some of the acts, including hers, to be performed live! I have been back every year since.

While this year’s contest is over, don’t let that stop you from attending Bella Union’s myriad of other activities. The team has some of the best interactive programming going around in Melbourne Town. Take the likes of Soul-A-Go-Go, to the 1920s swing of Rugcutters, to Anna’s-Go-Go-Academy. The events are so much fun!

You could actually just spend a month going to Bella Union’s events. If you did, I would hardly blame you.

– Rukmal
Co-founder of The Plus Ones, Rukmal lives and breathes events.

Bella Union
54 Victoria Street
Carlton VIC

Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of Bella Union.
Image credit: SBS Eurovision.