Ridiculous Obstacle Challenge

The Ridiculous Obstacle Challenge or R.O.C. Race for short took over Flemington Showground’s last weekend for 5 kilometres of total mayhem. I was lucky enough to be invited down for a Saturday morning of ‘It’s a Knock Out’ style of fun.

I must admit it was a bit chilly when I woke up so the thought of getting wet or soapy was not ideal. As we approached the course the excitement took over as we witnessed what laid ahead. 12 obstacles over the 5k course with challenges including, ‘The Leap of Faith’ ‘The Sweeper’ and ‘Foam of Fury.

Some of the structures looked a bit daunting but with the help of the energetic volunteers we put our game faces on and got ready to R.O.C. When everyone changed into their matching white R.O.C t-shirts, it felt less of a competition and more of a team mission.

My favourite challenge was the wrecking ball, no one stood a chance. The aim was to run along the floating tube without getting knocked off by the humongous swinging balls. I think my plus one and I stood there for a good 20 minutes watching people get KO’d. 

Another one of the challenges provided some serious laughs also, which involved jumping a few meters down to a foam pit. What more fun can you have watching people confront their fears while you laugh from down below? Answer is you can’t! Am I evil?

I seriously recommend checking out the R.O.C. race when it comes to your town. It’s suitable for all ages and you can always bypass the more epic challenges, but where’s the fun in that? R.O.C Race is touring nationally so keep your eyes out for when it next hits Melbourne.


Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of ROC Race.
Image credit: ROC Race.