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A Whole New World with ‘Aladdin The Musical’

I am a Disney kid. I grew up on The Lion King, Mulan, and Aladdin. I knew all the lines and sang all the songs, and like all little girls, I wanted to be Princess Jasmine and fly on a magic carpet through a magic diamond sky *cue music*. So when I heard Disney’s Aladdin the Musical was coming to Melbourne, I was ridiculously excited to go and see it. Lucky for me, it didn’t disappoint. Rather, it far exceeded my expectations.

Here for a limited season at Her Majesty’s Theatre, the Disney team behind Aladdin have spared no expense in designing state-of-the-art sets that will amaze audiences with their grandeur and creativity. The marketplace of Agrabah is set up with stalls and street sellers, but it quickly can transform into the grand palace where Princess Jasmine lives. The most extraordinary set, however, is the Cave of Wonders where Aladdin finds his lamp. In a matter of seconds, a wondrous cave is constructed. It’s filled with gold and jewels and looks truly spectacular.

Equally impressive are the musical sequences. The audience will be familiar with many of the songs as they are from the movie, but there are a few new songs too. The performers all exhibit high levels of energy and the dance sequences are colourful and dazzling.

Ainsley Melham and Heba Elchikhe who play Aladdin and Jasmine respectively put in stellar efforts, but the true star of the show is the genie, played by Michael James Scott. In a role that was owned by Robin Williams, Scott had big shoes to fill, and fill he does. He encapsulates the comic spirit of the genie so well, and with the ongoing jokes (including a few Australian-specific ones!) he has the audience laughing all the time.

Aladdin the Musical is a show that will entertain both young and old. It makes for a great night out with friends or family, or a date night. Playing in Melbourne for a limited season, it is a must see, even if for no other reason than to watch Aladdin and Jasmine fly through the night sky on their magic carpet. So amazing.

– Moni
Moni is married to a guy who watches a ridiculous amount of movies. As a result she also spends a lot of her time watching movies. Follow her on Twitter @_MoniMonsta_.

Aladdin the Musical runs 15 April–19 August 2017 at Her Majesty’s Theatre. Purchase tickets now.
The venue is accessible.

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Image credit: Disney Australia.