Dracula at Frankston Arts Centre

I am one of the rare people who have not seen or read the horror classic Dracula; despite a love for all things scary and gruesome! My knowledge is limited to an awareness that Count Dracula was a vampire, and the story set in Transylvania. The opportunity, therefore, to see a new stage production of Dracula at the Frankston Arts Centre was one not to be missed.

I discovered that the tale of Dracula reaches far further than Castle Dracula, to Victorian England. It is a tale full of intrigue, gore and drama. The shake and stir theatre co portrays this with creative staging and dramatic effects and the revolving staging successfully denotes the key locations of the castle, lunatic asylum and English estates.


The small cast are all superb and truly believable in their roles. This is quite a feat given the extraordinariness of the characters’ experiences, from hearing visions to transitioning into a vampire.

Somehow stabbing through the heart and beheading are turned into amusing acts with a touch of the macabre.

The audience appeared fully absorbed in the plot and there were several gasps and jumps at the unexpected. This is just what you want when you buy a ticket to see Dracula.

Dracula is the type of story that is best experienced on-stage and this production brings the necessary suspense, shock and, at times, laughter to bring Stoker’s novel to life. It has left me wondering if there is any truth behind the tale, although I think it wise not to investigate further. I am already at risk of nightmares having seen this production.

Dracula is touring nationally until September 20, 2017. If you have not yet seen a production at Frankston Arts Centre, I encourage you to review their program. This is a first-class venue with accessible parking and makes for a hassle free and entertaining evening for theatre lovers. My friend and I felt it well worth the drive and will definitely make a return visit.


– Rachel
Celebrating 5 years living in Melbourne, Rachel is a fan of theatre, food, the outdoors and all things new and exciting.

Tickets for upcoming productions of Dracula can be booked here. See the Frankston Arts Centre for alternative productions.
This venue is accessible.

Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of Frankston Arts Centre.
Photo credit: dylanevansphoto