Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2017: Blind Dating Show Spectacular

Comedians seem to constantly gripe about their love lives, so would it be smart to date one? It seems unlikely, but the process could be fun to watch, especially if it’s even less real than reality TV and has a name like Blind Dating Show Spectacular.

Dave Warneke plays a more humourous version of Greg Evans from Perfect Match, assisted by Dr Professor Neal Portenza as a taller, yet only occasionally more animated, version of Dexter. The questions for the contestants are similar to the original and while the TV show was often inadvertently funny, this one is actively playing for laughs.

Our first contestant from the audience was Geoff. Competing for his affections were DeAnne Smith, Jess Perkins and Laura Dunemann. There was much talk of dicks but DeAnne, lightning-fast with great wooing technique, shone out, stringing Geoff along and not mentioning her girlfriend until close to the end.

Audience contestant number two was Alice. Trying their best to grab her attention were Peter Jones, Matt Stewart and ‘Dicky Rosenthal‘ (aka Josh Glanc). Alice, of course, could not see the physical comedy that the audience was experiencing, making some of the attempts to verbally seduce her all the funnier.

During each half, it was hilarious watching the guest comedians compete not only for their blind date’s affection but for ours too. Blind Dating Show Spectacular was a wonderfully light-hearted and chaotic way to see comedians joke around and try to one-up each other. While the opening night’s pairings were somewhat heteronormative, Dave promises that the other shows will have a completely different line up of guests, with a mixture of genders and sexualities too. Sounds like awesome fun to come!

– Craig
After watching this show, Craig Macbride thinks maybe it was a good thing that he’s never gone out with a comedian.

Blind Dating Show Spectacular has two more shows on 10 April and 17 April at the Melbourne Town Hall.
The Venue is accessible.

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Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of Dave Warneke.
Image credit: Melbourne International Comedy Festival.