Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2017: Dave O’Neil – The Summer of ’82

Dave O’Neil has been a fixture of the Aussie comedy scene for longer than I dare remember, with numerous appearances on TV and radio as well as live shows. His latest venture, The Summer of ’82, takes us back to when Dave had finished HSC and was about to embark on tertiary studies.

If you lived in Melbourne in the ’80s, prepare to be hit by waves of nostalgia. Dave has a Brashs bag and he’s not afraid to use it. If you’re a bit younger and don’t know what HSC was, don’t worry. Like Daley in the front row of our show, Dave will try his best to fill you in on what you missed.

From the moment he’s introduced, Dave O’Neil chats like a genuine friend at a pub. Instead of embellishing, Dave’s humour is understated and very relatable.

After wandering down memory lane with Dave, you realise how much more this show was than just a series of gags. So much packed into an hour: We even learnt who told Dave and his mates how to build a bomb.

It was a fast, fun romp, but with more depth than you might expect. Dave can recount his teenage experiences, at the same time showing an awareness how much differently the current, older and wiser, version of himself (and the rest of us) would behave now.

If you want to relive or discover the ’80s and have a bloody good laugh about it, this is the show to see. You can also get him to sign his new book after the show.

– Craig
During O Weeks, Craig Macbride was among Melbourne Uni students who used to visit Melbourne State College for the lavish booze they put on, but can’t recall if he ever ran into Dave there.

Dave O’Neil – The Summer of ’82 runs Tue-Sun until April 23 at the Melbourne Town Hall.
The Venue is accessible.

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Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of Dave O’Neil.
Image credit: Melbourne International Comedy Festival.