Nikki Britton Romanticide MICF

Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2017: Nikki Britton is Romanticide

Romanticideis a show born in a suburban Coles, under a mountain of double coated chocolate Tim-Tams.  Brought to life from pieces of her broken heart time and time again.  Nikki Britton doesn’t think that romance is dead – but is certainly looks like it is in palliative care.

Poor Nikki. Things were looking up.  Dating was going great (well, all of two dates). Her latest beau (aka the Jackass) was certainly destined to be the one to marry and live happily ever after with.  But no!  She makes a strong case with a series of hilarious anecdotes to prove the point that it’s not her. She could only have been hexed by a Haitian witch-doctor.

Nikki eventually gets round to telling how she got into that latest predicament that left her collapsed under a pyramid of chocolate biscuits, through a tortuous route of stories, observations and wild tangents. Sex, dating, and romance are perennial inspiration for observational humour; but where Nikki stands out are when she leaves the script behind and digresses.

Particularly hilarious are her accents and impersonations.  Of the singer Adele, her Latino GP and an Irish dentist. She does seem to have an obsession with medical practitioners, and worth-the-price-of-admission recounting of a medical encounter with a hot doctor, an MRI machine and a remarkably long needle.

Despite the title, Romanticide is not a pessimistic exploration or modern dating.  Nikki is upbeat and has relentless positive energy. She closes on a happy note, sharing her faith (via a final song and dance number) in the power of love.  Elusive romance, it’s just there,  waiting around the corner.

– Christian
Christian G.  is an international man of mystery; lover of books, cats and the performing arts; moonlighting as a finance professional by day.

Nikki Briton stars in Romanticide  from 30 March – 23 April at the Forum Theatre. The venue is not accessible.  Buy tickets onlineRead The Plus Ones’ guide to MICF 2017, and visit often to see all our reviews.

Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of Nikki Briton.
Image Credit: Nikki Britton.