Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2017: Soap

Soap is many things. It is comedy, it is dance, it is circus, acrobatic, and it is wet. It is a rollercoaster of acts involving many bathtubs and water, and it has talents that most of us can only appreciate enviously. These are all conclusions one can make before the show has begun, but once 85 minutes have passed the assumptions above have been broken apart.

This German troupe are far and above a phenomenal sensation. Only a viewing of this performance will ever make any written description make sense.

The show is paced and organised in such a manner that the whole experience is driven to achieve maximum appreciation. The feats of strength, coordination, timing, and awe-inspiring dedication are at such a high level. There is certainly comedy in this show to qualify its placing within the festival, and a certain towel dance alone solidifies that; however, that is not the draw.

There are performers within this show with insane abilities, many that have come from an absolute regimen of focus and devotion, and where any slip would be certain injury. If a festival-goer really wished to see mind-blowing displays of psychical prowess, they would be a fool to let this experience pass by.

Soap is the height of its genre, it is mesmerising, it is damn well constructed, and it’s sexy and it knows it.

There will be water everywhere, performers dangling well above the stage, bodies writhing, and gasps from the person next to you. The soundtrack just nails it, and there is so much to ogle and swoon over, you’ll be gripped to the end.

Quite simply, if you’ve read this review, your next task is to get a ticket. No regrets.

– Corey
Corey M. Glamuzina is a Melbourne-based actor, writer, improvisor and comedian with an avid involvement in the art of theatre and film.

Soap runs from 30 March-22 April 2017, (no shows Mondays) at The Coopers Malthouse, Merlyn Theatre. Shows are at 7.30pm Monday to Saturday, 6.30pm on Sundays, and there is an extra show on Saturdays at 4pm. (All shows run for 85mins.) Purchase tickets now.

This show contains some strobe lighting. The venue is accessible.

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Image credit: Melbourne International Comedy Festival.