Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2017: Girls Night

Girls Night is back at MICF 2017.  Curator Cath Styles has handpicked thirty or so of the crème de la crème, and the best comics in town… who just happen to be women! Bias intentional:  comedy is seeing a big shift with more and more females coming onto the scene. However, there’s still a large majority of line ups are predominantly male, if not all male.  Cath Styles addresses that by curating a night to celebrate humour with a line-up that just happens to be all women.

We’re fans of Cath Styles, a number of us caught her solo act last year (and sorry to hear about the divorce and the challenges of becoming a cougar in Bendigo, Cath).  

For this evening, she brought to the stage Nicki Britton (Romanticide) who brings observational humour that is full of pathos when it comes to dating, as much as she has passion for smuggling Jägermeister to baby-showers.   Sameena Zehra (The Cult of Comedy) left us with a strong impression of her sass and caustic wit on issues ranging from Brexit to funeral arrangements for her husband.  Last but not least, the aptly name musical comedy trio Glittery Clittery combined feminism, ukulele, fiddle, live music and sequins to a joyous if risqué closing act.

Girls Night is excellent value.  A tasting-paddle of fine comedy.  A sample of the choicest parts of the many talented ladies that are part of this year’s festival.  With the line-up changing each evening, it is a show you can easily see repeatedly.  Experience a range of stand-up, sketches, musical comedy for a very modest price.  It is early in the night too, and you can decide on your favourites and go see their show all in the same evening!

Girls Night  runs 29 March – 9 April at The Lounge Upstairs @ Little Sista.

The venue is not accessible.  Buy tickets online.
– Christian
Christian G.  is an international man of mystery; lover of books, cats and the performing arts; moonlighting as a finance professional by day.

Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of Girls Night
Image Credit: Girls Night