Cheese and Whiskey

Cheese and Teeling Whiskey at Milk the Cow – The Perfect Pairing

With the green spirit of St.Patrick’s Day still aloft, I headed to the Milk The Cow in Carlton with the boyfriend in tow. Milk The Cow is a renowned fromagerie within Melbourne’s society, or at least in the cheese-loving portion, so having my tastebuds spoiled by cheese for the evening was high on my list of expectations. But what to pair the cheese with? Wine, I hear you say? Guess again, because this was no ordinary cheese and wine event: it was a cheese and whiskey evening.

Cheese and Whiskey

Upon arrival at the venue, I was escorted through the ‘regular’ section of the restaurant, full of ‘regular’ people, and shown upstairs to where I’d like to think my more fromage-savvy equals were sat. I was seated at a table fully prepared with a board of four cheeses and what I can only compare to a test-tube holder from my school biology classes, which held four whiskey glasses, already potent with the finest drops of Teeling.

Perfect, let’s tuck in! But this was, in fact, far more sophisticated than a free-for-all picnic. I soon discovered that each whiskey and cheese was to be formally introduced to our ears before our tongues had the pleasure. And thus began the educational learning about whiskey and whiskey production led by none other than a tall, ginger, and suitably charming Irishman. How fitting that this was followed by a local cheese specialist who seemed to put anyone who had not yet found their passion in life to shame.

Cheese and Whiskey

So I made my way through a hard cheese and a soft cheese and then overcame a childhood fear and discovered that blue cheese is actually rather delicious. With a fondue of flavours inside me I swayed to the jovial music and found myself having a jolly good time — but then again, that could have been the Teelings talking.

After I had made my way through the whole biology set of whiskey — which our Irish friend joked were indeed for breakfast, lunch, dinner and finally for party time — it was apparently the perfect time for a pop quiz.

With the prizes of a bag, a farmer’s hat and a box of cheese being quite desirable (again, very possible that whiskey got in the way of good judgement here), I was disappointed to have forgotten some of the crucial facts of whiskey and cheese production. Note to self: always take notes.

All in all, despite leaving empty-handed, I was certainly impressed by the specialists’ flavour of enthusiasm and the evening left a good taste in my mouth.

Cheesy jokes aside, I was truly whisked away.

– Sanna
Sanna Lory is a writer from the U.K. & Denmark. When she’s not attending events, she can be found experimenting with food in her cosy kitchen or getting her glam on in spectacular rooftop bars. Follow her on Instagram at @sannalory.

Milk The Cow
323 Lygon Street
Carlton VIC 3053
03 9348 4771

Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of Milk the Cow.
Image credit: The Plus Ones.