Twilight Beach Polo

Twilight Beach Polo on St. Kilda Beach

The Twilight Beach Polo held its first ever event on St. Kilda Beach this season, and I have no problem saying it was unmistakably my favourite event of the Summer.

Unlike any other polo or horse racing event, you also get to witness Melbourne’s sunset as the backdrop to the event. With the ladies of Melbourne bringing their bohemian glam style they compliment their sandy surroundings perfectly. Wearing flowing dresses with lace detail they enjoy the ‘Twilight Beach Polo’ looking like beach goddesses.

Twilight Beach Polo 3

My plus one and I entered the venue visiting the kennedy marquee first. Imagine white, black and gold interior, luscious curtains draping from the ceiling with peonies, lilies and tulips adding to the ambience. It was certainly a chic layout with a tasteful guest list, not forgetting the all important champagne cocktails and canapes circulating the room.

Next up was the bailey’s marquee, featuring velvety ice creams and of course, bailey’s cocktails. A bit more of a corporate kinda crowd in this one.

Twilight Beach Polo 4

The Fox Hit 101.9 Tent then followed. This space had a kick off your shoes and feel the sand between your toes vibe. Everyone’s a bit more laid back in here, casually sipping their Aperol Spritz.

At this point the horses were in our sights as the polo match began, with the stunning view of the St. Kilda Sea in the background. The sailboats and kite surfers in the distance helping to set the scene.

My plus one and I then visited the Heineken Tent, we could immediately feel the super fun vibe. Everyone there was enjoying the moment and just having a good time. The beach chairs on the decking were perfect for the relaxed mood the guests were in, the second storey balcony was great for a higher view of the event.

Twilight Beach Polo 2

Chadstone the Fashion Capital sponsored the event, and of course, ‘Fashions on the Field’ commenced to top off the evening. The ladies did not fail to impress and it was clear that outfits had been planned meticulously also, may I say that the guys dressed impeccably also.

As the sun disappeared and the stars came out, the evening finished up appropriately on the beach. We were all taken to The St. Hotel on Fitzroy Street for the official after party which was seriously fun.

Twilight Beach Polo you got five stars from me, this event is definitely going on my must do list for next year.

– Sheena
Sheena is an actress, writer & filmmaker.  Follow her on Instagram @sheena.reyes.

The Twilight Beach Polo will be back in 2018.  Keep up to date via their website

Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of Idiom Events
Image Credit: Twilight Beach Polo