Kate V M Sylvester is no stranger to VAMFF. Her contemporary textile work was featured as part of Fabrik in the 2016 VAMFF Arts Program.

In her 2017 solo exhibition ‘Wear Me’ Kate presents a beautifully complex collection of de-threaded t-shirts suspended in the space at Tinning Street Presents. The t-shirts chosen are from two friends – Pete Rowett and Lily Vonk.

Placed virtually in the entranceway to the gallery, the stunning Taco Tee is a vibrant and playful way to begin journeying through the exhibition. In a row behind Taco Tee are three of the other major pieces in this exhibition. Suspended from the roof of the gallery, making them seem almost ethereal, lies the khaki coloured Lily (recycled lycra), Margot Tenenbaum (recycled cotton) and through to Soft Pink Pocket (recycled polyester), which is coloured exactly as it’s name suggests.


The two other major pieces in this show are presented flat on the walls. Adidas, as it’s name intimates, is a traditional off white tee with the iconic Adidas logo placed loud and proud on the front. Last, but certainly not least, and perhaps my favourite piece in the show, Grey Oyster Tee encompasses the back wall of the gallery. Hanging like a dark, hauntingly beautiful butterfly – its middle seam acting almost like a spine and sleeves spread out like wings.

Placed on the left and right walls of the gallery are various other pieces whereby Sylvester has taken small portions of each t-shirt and mounted them on numerous different fabrics.

‘Wear Me’ is a stunning look at the power of the clothes we wear and how those clothes help to both embody and transform our personas to present our identity to the world.

– Dani
Dani Smarrelli is a wannabe fashionista who claims there’s no such thing as too much glitter. Instagram @nussymusic Twitter @nussymusic

Wear Me’ runs 2-19 March, Thursdays through Sundays, 11am to 5pm.

Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of Kate Sylvester
Image Credit: Kate VM Sylvester Official Website