Greenfields – Albert Park’s new eatery and event space

Greenfields is Melbourne’s new hot event space and eatery. Brainchild of a Melbourne collective of entrepreneurs and business owners the team has transformed the venue into something very special.

Nestled between Albert Park lake and the golf course the sun drenched Greenfields space is designed to provide a sensory experience. The sensory and wellness part of Greenfield’s ethos is evident as soon as you step into the space. It feels happy and you feel healthy. Floor to ceiling windows adorn the entire western section of the building which provides sweeping views of Albert Park. It’s glorious! Couple this with the beautiful timber deck and you have yourself a venue capable of hosting a wide range of events.

I can testify to this as I had been to two pre-launch events at Greenfields. One, Boozy Brunch and the other the Australian Dairy Awards couldn’t have been further apart in terms of style and crowd. However both events felt at home in the Greenfields space.

Our launch saw a selection of nourishing delights with the focus on healthy, raw and organic on full display.

The scrumptious treats were coupled with a very nice range of beverages. My favourite being the ‘frose’. Apparently this has been around for a while. My Sydney friends tell me it’s all the rage. On a warm evening I would happily recommend these to even the headiest of wine snobs!

I look forward to attending many-an-event at the space, and can’t wait to see how bright Melburnians look to utilise it.

– Rukmal
Co-founder of The Plus Ones, Rukmal lives and breathes events.

Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of AMPR
Image credits: Greenfields