Mini Garage – Launch Party

Mini Garage is a new showroom that showcases the little red Coopers that can. Owned by parent company, BMW the Mini team threw a house party of sorts to welcome their new digs. When I was in Munich I had the chance to go to the gigantic Bavarian Motor Works (BMW) museum and showroom. So I thought it might be nice to compare the new Mini space on Kings Street.

Entering the space, several screens showcased a neat time lapse of the build. This gave us a cool perspective on how it all came together and a deeper appreciation of the effort that had gone into christening the night. The garage is a fab interactive space designed to show off the best of the Mini range. It also comes with a bar (not sure if that’s there all the time though), kitchen and of course work space for the employees housed there.

On the night, Tommy Collins took care of catering which saw us munch down on scrumptious poke bowls, nacho inspired hot dogs and sorbet ice cream. A range of delicious drinks were on offer with the Colonial beers and tempranillo proving to be crowd pleasers. Speaking of which, the DJ also had us bopping with her 90s mix of old skool RnB.

If you’re keen on taking a gander at the new space head in to the showroom when you can. I suspect those cute Mini Coopers will be in high demand for a test drive or two!

– Rukmal 
Co-founder of The Plus Ones, Rukmal lives and breathes events. 

Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of Porter Novelli.
Image credits: Mini Garage Melbourne