Confirmed: Croquet is Cool (again)

World Croquet Championships Melbourne 2017

After a long anticipated return to the center of what is cool, we can all breathe a sigh of relief that the sport of Golf Croquet has made its way back into the hearts of those who have so patiently waited. After a morning spent at the Brunswick Mallet Sports Club in Melbourne, The Plus Ones had the opportunity to learn from the pros what the game is all about.

I arrived in the early morning to a friendly group all dressed in croquet whites and comfy shoes. The professionals who were there to teach us the fundamentals of the game were enthusiastic and charming, and as I learned, patient too.

World Croquet Championships Melbourne 2017

I couldn’t help but find picking up a mallet again reminiscent of a simpler time in life when we played in the backyard on lazy summer afternoons. The beauty of the sport was captured by our group on that day; we were a wide mix of ages and playing levels, yet each person was having as much fun as the next.

Just ahead of the Golf Croquet World Championships, which is being hosted by Australia for the first time in history, these professionals are preparing for what is sure to be an intense matchup between 14 of the world’s best competing nations.

World Croquet Championships Melbourne 2017

What’s more, the sport is gradually making a return to the hearts and hands of the younger generation who are taking the reigns from their predecessors. Some, just aged 16, are competing against veterans of the sport several times their age — and are poised to take home the title.

As a result of this shift in player demographic, local clubs have begun to make play more accessible to those keen on learning the sport. Think back to those bottomless brunch and mimosa afternoons where you wanted to keep the good times going without having to change out of your summery Sunday best.

World Croquet Championships Melbourne 2017

With venues shifting towards barefoot and even nighttime open play, croquet is falling back into the hearts of Millennials all over who are enjoying the fun and friendly group activity that perfectly blends class and competition all without breaking a sweat.

– Alex
Alex Tafreshi is a freelance filmmaker, photographer, and writer currently searching for the cure for wanderlust in the South Pacific. Check out his research and findings on Instagram & FB @theglobehop.

Golf Croquet World Championships runs 25 February 5 March 2017 in Victoria.

Visit the Brunswick Mallet Sports Club at Brunswick Park, Victoria St, Brunswick VIC 3056.

Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of Encore PR.
Image credit: Alex Tafreshi.