MOVENPICK ice cream sandwich Melbourne

Mövenpick launches their new ice cream sandwich range in time for summer

I screamed, you screamed, we all screamed for ice cream at the launch of Mövenpick’s delectable new Ice Cream Sandwich range. Yes, get very excited, because this humble old favourite is back and it’s inarguably better than ever.

Revamping a beloved classic, Swiss ice cream brand Mövenpick launched its gloriously photogenic range of treats last Thursday at the brand’s QV store in Melbourne’s CBD.

The range, arriving just at the height of summer, features a generous serving of Mövenpick’s famous Swiss ice-cream sandwiched between two rich, expertly-crafted chocolate biscuits. It’s the same marvellously simple concept we all know and love, only better.

MOVENPICK ice cream sandwich Melbourne

In crafting the sweet treat, Mövenpick worked with Vanilla Zulu’s Executive Chef and published Author, Mel Townsend, in order to create the perfect dessert that — while being fresh and new — still paid homage to everyone’s summer favourite. And apparently, the secret is in the biscuit.

‘The cookies can’t be too thick, or too dry, but they do need to be a bit crispy…you have to be able to get all the way through the cookie to the ice-cream centre’, said Mel.

And the verdict? Delicious.

The chocolate biscuits are shortbread-like in texture, and though their crumble gets a little messy at times, they prove to be the perfect complement to the thick, rich smoothness of Mövenpick’s indulgent Swiss ice cream.

MOVENPICK ice cream sandwich Melbourne

Complementing flavours like Tiramisu, Mint Chocolate, and Caramelita meld together with the chocolatey biscuit in gastronomical harmony, while more unlikely flavours like Pistachio, Maple Walnut, and Pannacotta deliver a surprising yet delicious contrast. The slightly more adventurous foodies can even try Double Cream & Meringue or Cinnamon sandwiches, while the less daring can happily stick to a classic Swiss Chocolate or Strawberry.

Having taste-tested all of twenty-four flavours myself, I can confirm that no choice is a bad one.

– Anoosha
Anoosha is a blogger, writer, and obsessive tea-drinker.

Mövenpick’s Ice Cream Sandwiches are available now from all Mövenpick stores at $8.95 a pop, or $29.95 for a stack of four. To share, of course…

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