TWOOBSxSkwosh Summer Sessions celebrate sun and shoes

If you haven’t already heard about new Aussie brands TWOOBS or Skwosh, then sit down and listen up (or, you know, keep reading) ‘cause this is probably the best news you’ll get out of 2016.

Gals’ footwear brand TWOOBS joined forces with guys’ boardies brand Skwosh to throw the ultimate beachside party for lovers of all things sunshine and summer.

Overlooking the picturesque marina, TWOOBSxSkwosh Summer Sessions turned St. Kilda’s Riva into a beachside wonderland, complete with sweet tunes by DJ Generik, doughnuts by Doughnut Time, flowing drinks and a giant, custom-built slip ‘n slide. I mean, what’s not to love?

That’s right, nothing. But let’s get to the shoes.

The brainchild of How Two Live fashion bloggers, Jess and Stef Dadon, TWOOBS shoes are pretty much everything you want out of a summer sandal. Born out of a need for both style and practicality, TWOOBS pretty much have it all. Giving off some serious 90s vibes with their funky wedge form and quirky colours, TWOOBS shoes are comfy, stylish, and practical — and all without costing you your organs.

But best of all, TWOOBS don’t only look good, they do good. On top of looking hella cool, the snazzy sandals are also cruelty-free and $2 from every purchase goes towards start-ups run by female entrepreneurs. I know, right? Such show offs.

And for the guys, Skwosh swimming trunks are just as rad. With a seriously cool range of colours and prints (think avocados and toucans—yes, toucans!), Skwosh has a style for every fella and every occasion. And, just like TWOOBS, they’re ethically made and 100% Aussie.

Finally, some good news. Now if we could just forget the U.S. election ever happened…

– Anoosha
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Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of How Two Live.
Image credit: How Two Live.