Gingerbread Demolition

If you put one pre-Christmas adventure in your diary for next year, let it be the Gingerbread Demolition. Its humble origins can be traced back to founder Jeanette Cheah’s living room, where she and her housemates would make gingerbread houses and demolish them. Over a few short years the activity attracted more than 80 guests to her home to participate and Jeanette had the idea to grow the event into something that would benefit the local community. And potentially save her home from being trashed, too.

A gently spoken and humble young lady, the founding of this event belies Jeanette’s wicked sense of humour, a deep care for her local community community, and an inmate ability to draw people together.

The 2016 Gingerbread Demolition had all the details attended to, from a super cool venue, 1000 £ Bend, to amazing foods and a crepe truck, Crêpes for Change, to a live music lineup including swing vocalists Lady Midnight.

The ticket price including drinks at the bar, food and activities such as decorating your own gingerbread people. But of course, the highlight of the event was smashing the gingerbread village (baked by Cupcake Central, Dessert Parlour and Hawthorn Common).

People baseball bats and rolling pins, with all participants making a donation to charity.

Gingerbread Demolition was hosted by Save the Children Ambassador and supporter of Cubbies, Stephen Curry. The Cubbies‘ learn through play program in Fitzroy supports vulnerable children and entire families who are new to Australia.

The motivation of Gingerbread Demolition’s charitable is to really drive home the need for social inclusion for newly-arrived migrants and asylum seekers.

Supported by the start-up, foodie, and creative communities in Melbourne, Gingerbread Demolition has massive scope for growth — plus it’s a whole lot of fun.

– Emmanuella
Emmanuella is a leading voice and performance coach who has worked and trained internationally. Founder of Find Your Voice, she is passionate about supporting all performers attain their creative, psychological and physical goals in fields including business, music, fashion and theatre.

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Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of Gingerbread Demolition.
Photo credit: Gingerbread Demolition.