The Pleasure Garden festival at Catani Gardens

Last weekend The Pleasure Garden hosted its first shenanigan filled party at Catani Gardens. This festival promised to bring the A game and it delivered on every level.

The sun came out at midday, so I put on my favourite pair of doof leggings, fluro Adidas tank, my camp glitter crown, and headed out the door. With new festivals you never know what to expect, so I was keen to find out if it would meet my expectations.

From the entry point I could already tell this wasn’t your run-of-the-mill day in the park. The purpose-built entry fort reminded me of a theme park gate, and with all the thrills inside it wasn’t far off. Little care is given to anything other than the line-up at most festivals these days but The Pleasure Garden crew went to town on every single aspect.


The grounds of the festival were adorned with intriguing art works, sculptures and eclectic roving performers. Stilt walkers paraded around as patrons entered, adding to the carnival atmosphere, but the most curious of the characters was a black-toothed, devil eyed carni that was treating people that crossed his path with a peek into his viewing box which contained the soul of his bodies former owner — but shhhh, it was a secret.

There was so much to look at that you almost forgot about the line-up gracing us on this spectacular day, but not for long. Tash Sultana was one of the biggest draw-cards in the playing deck for most, proven by the stampede when she hit the stage. Her blend of folk and funk rocked the dance-floor from end to end.

The set of the day for me went to The Correspondents with their wacky moves and loose vibes that set the stage on fire. As the sun went down over the water and the day drew to a close, there was nothing left but smiles all round. The Pleasure Garden definitely set the bar high for the standard of Australian festivals.

– Brenton
Brenton Spink is a social Melburnian who loves a good feed, drink, dance, and other related shenanigans. Find him on Instagram at @SoSpinky.

Find out more about The Pleasure Garden festival by visiting their website and Facebook page.

Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of The Pleasure Garden
Image Credit: Duncographic