‘The Landscape Project’, performed by students at the National Institute of Circus Arts

Be officially ‘wowed’. See feats of majestic wonder that leave you breathless as latest batch of NICA trainees parade their wares. ‘The Landscape Project‘ is a thrilling expose of the next generation of Aussie circus stars. Each one is a powderkeg of delight.

Auditioning from around the world, NICA is a respected institution of international repute. The pride these bachelor students feel is shared by us as audience as they salute their breeding ground. An ensemble performance directed by Debra Batton, the cast of ‘The Landscape Project’ enlivens the space as a kaleidoscopic universe of possibilities, both for the body and the mind.


Your eyes will !POP! with the possibilities showcased. Making the complex look effortless, witness what three years of 30 hours per week of acrobatic skills training does. The unceasing movement goes from minute one to the finale, running crossways across the space, as well as upwards and downwards and everywhere in between.

Your mind gets a similar workout. Three acts of elite-level, non-stop feats leave you on the edge of your seat, wanting more.

See these experts, at home with all aspects of air and space, test the limits of our understanding of the body-in-motion with a dramatic background of energetic sound and luxurious lighting. On-high aerial majesty. Slackline walking. Trapeze. Jumping up, on and off walls as well as falling down them. Trampoline tumbling. Partner-work, juggling, somersault falls. Sliding, roller-blading and skate-boarding along the floor. Spinning jumps in space, sudden drops, pole work, straps aerial art, not to mention the bottle-walking. Witness a party trick only experts should execute across the tops of nine champagne bottles!


A masterstroke is the awe-inspiring aerial work on the wall trampoline. Something rarely seen in the known world, watch people dangle on a L-shaped precipice, making their horizontal ballet seem an everyday state of locomotion. Your head cranks sidewards in amazement as time stands still.

There are many smaller, intimate ‘grabs’ with each performer specialising in their own trick skill for which expert coaches nurture their talents over years. There is room for all kinds under the circus tent and each little face shines its specialness.


There aren’t enough excited adjectives to compel you to get down for an evening superfluous with athletic art and grace. The cast will one day circle the world spreading their expertise and magic, weaving in the traditions of clowning, storytelling and a barrel of laughs.

Act quickly to get your own filip of surprise in the hometown batch of creative wonder that are the 2016 NICA graduates.

Sarah W. is a dance-trained theatre lover with a flair for the bold, and non-traditional performance platforms. On the street or in the box seat, she is always looking for quality works that push the envelope.

‘The Landscape Project’ runs 23 November – 3 December, 7:30pm Wednesday- Saturday, 1:30pm Saturday 3 December. Book tickets now.
The vnue is wheelchair accessible. PG recommended.

Disclosure: The Plus Ones were the guests of Miranda Brown Publicity.
Image credit: Tara Silcock.