Think West 2016: The Plus Ones’ guide to the best events in the inner-west

Say hello to the best wisdom Melbourne’s inner west has to offer at the Think West festival, running 6-20 November. Bringing together the brightest brains in philosophy and culture, this festival (powered by Highpoint) is sure to have us scratching our heads and pondering the big stuff. From talks on living a fulfilling life, to workshops on creating a sustainable world, these events are sure to leave you feeling inspired – and a little worldly.


On Creativity, Adventure and the History of Beer (Thursday 10 November, 7.30pm)
Everything’s better with a beer in hand, and this event is no exception. Join the co-founder of Two Birds Brewing, Jayne Lewis, as well as author Myke Bartlett for an evening exploring the big ideas. It’s like banter over brews, only a little more sophisticated.

A Night of Awe and Wonder (Saturday 12 November, 8pm)
Love space? You’ll love this very special evening at the Planetarium. Discover life, the universe and all its meaning with a unique Planetarium show followed by an intimate talk with philosopher Dr Patrick Stokes and astronomer Dr Tanya Hill. When planets and philosophy collide, you’re sure to be in for a fascinating evening.

Awe and Wonder

Awe and Wonder

The Purpose of Art (Sunday 13 November, 10am)
Experience the art of the west with a guided walking tour through Footscray. This tour is designed to give you an intimate and personal glimpse into the work and intentions of two local artists. Join them for an intimate conversation and an exclusive look at their artistic practice.

F Up Night (Monday 14 November, 7pm)
Taboo as it may be, failure is a wonderful thing. F Up Night is a global movement that celebrates the failures of successful career professionals. This year, General Assembly have brought the event to Think West. Come along and learn from those who have failed before you. This event will feature the failures of Rachel Service of the Happiness Concierge and media expert Sérgio Brodsky.

How to Change the World (Thursday 10 November, 6pm)

Want a life with a little more meaning? Do you wish the world were a better place? How to Change the World is an event led by mindfulness leadership coach Michael Bartura designed to empower individuals to take initiative and make real change. You have the power to make an impact on the world you live in, all you need are the practical tools to make a difference.

F Up

F Up

Think West Live: Urban Wisdom (Saturday 19 November, 7pm)

Learn to live well with wisdom from four of the greatest thinkers in the west. Featuring ideas from artist Maree Clarke, comedian Meshel Laurie and human rights activist Mariam Issa ­– along with music curated by Rebecca Bernard ­– this three-hour event will leave you thinking about life a little differently.

The Welcome Dinner Project (Sunday 20 November, 7pm)

What better way to end a festival than with a welcome? Kon Karapanagiotidis – lawyer, advocate, social worker, ASRC founder and exceptional chef – invites everyone to come together for a community-led pot luck at The Dream Factory. The Welcome Dinner Project aims to build connections between newly arrived people and local Australians. Come to share a delicious meal, stay to share stories with new life-long friends.

Welcome Dinner Project

Welcome Dinner Project

We can’t wait to deep-dive into some of life’s bigger topics. But there are so many more ideas to explore at this year’s Think West festival. Be sure to check out the full program and get your brain juices flowing.

– Emma
Emma Hardy is a writer, a dreamer, and a comedy-lover. You can find her sharing her inner-musings online, or pondering the bigger concepts IRL at this years Think West festival.

Think West runs 6-20 November 2016 at venues across the inner west of Melbourne.

Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of Cassette.
Image credit: Think West.