Pop Up Playground’s newest immersive game, Room Service

Need a dose of adrenaline? Pop Up Playground’s newest game, Room Service, is guaranteed to get your heart racing. The immersive game is similar to an escape room. Except instead of solving puzzles to escape the room, the goal is to keep everyone else from getting in.

An unused space in the Preston Fresh Hood Market has been converted into a creepy 1970s-style hotel kitchen. As players, we quickly learnt that we were temporary service staff. But instead of preparing the night’s meal for the guests, the hotel is filled with cannibals and we are on the menu. This revelation started the thirty minute count down and our frantic attempt to solve puzzles to keep the cannibals at bay.

Miraculously, our team managed to survive our thirty minute shift and evade the hungry hotel guests. The time flew by as we dashed around the kitchen looking for clues. Although, at the risk of being eaten alive, we all agreed that we would have preferred an extra ten minutes to get a firm grasp on the game play set-up at the start.

The game is perfect for the Halloween season. Eerie lighting and beat up kitchen equipment set the mood. Small groups will get both a spine tingling experience and a chance to challenge their intellect. Room Service also pairs well with a post-game drink. Conveniently, there’s a stall serving up 3 Raven’s beer and fresh oysters downstairs.

– Jenny
Jenny S. is an event adventurer. She is also a vegetarian and does not condone eating people.

Room Service is located upstairs at Preston Fresh Hood Market, 22 Cramer St, Preston.

Pop Up Playground also runs Small Time Criminals — a bank heist experience.  For the rest of October, receive a 20% discount on all Thursday and Friday bookings for Small Time Criminals with the code ‘SpringSpecial’. Book tickets now.

Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of Pop Up Playground.
Image credit: Pop Up Playground.