Australian Cider Festival showcases the best of Oz apples in a glass

The Australian Cider Festival made a stellar return this spring at the Malthouse Courtyard. Around thirty cider producers brought their finest for sample, alongside some delicious food trucks and bands. The festival really lucked out with the weather, with a break in our mild windy spring that had the sun shining and the sunscreen out for some of the more fair-skinned English punters.


I always go for cider over beer. It suits my sweet tooth and I find it makes me less bloated then beer so I was extremely happy when its popularity made the Australian craft cider industry boom. The festival delivered on the opportunity to explore my taste and learn about the regional cider houses both big and small.


On arrival we were given a tasting glass that was ours to keep, along with a guide to note down our favourites. While I waited for my plus one to arrive I thought I would get something to eat and soak up some rays while I sipped on my old favourite, The Hills‘ pear cider. While I love the sweetness of cider I do prefer it to be crisp and on the drier side and The Hills definitely delivers on both of those.


My plus one arrived fashionably late and now it was time to try something different and push my understanding of cider as I knew it. One of the most interesting aspects of the day was the learning that cider can be as complex as wine, with a lot of former winemakers bringing their knowledge over to cider. Some of the ciders imparted characteristics like charred oak wine and bourbon barrels that both surprised and delighted the palate.


A wide selection of the cider producers in attendance — from Alpine Cider to Yarra Valley Cider — had a primo offering available. I left with a new appreciation for cider and definitely look forward to the festival’s return next year.

– Brenton
Brenton is a Plus Ones resident boozehound and night owl. Can be found partying until the sun sends him back into a dark corner. Follow his shenanigans @SoSpinky on Insta. 

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Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of Cider Australia and Bottle Shop Concepts.
Image credit: Cider Australia.