Spring Vegan Feast at Rumi

Frequently experience food FOMO? Rumi has the answer. Their seasonal feasts are the perfect way to become acquainted (or reacquainted) with the restaurant’s Middle Eastern menu.

The Spring Vegan feast was advertised as a five course meal. In reality, those five courses featured courses within courses within courses. (An official count revealed nineteen unique dishes!) The set-up was perfect for anyone that finds choosing a single dish on a menu a monumental task.

rumi melbourne vegan

The five optional matched drinks were also a delightful addition to the evening. The Arak cocktail was a lovely way to stimulate our palate — with Arak (an anise-flavoured spirit), gin, orgeat almond syrup, and oranjaline. With or without the banquet meal, I suggest trying this drink on your next visit. The matched wines that followed were all vegan and part of Rumi’s regular menu.

The menu featured both new a familiar flavours. We started the evening with raw green almonds — the exterior was a bit like biting into a crisp green apple and revealed the young jelly-like nut inside. An artichoke with a chickpea and almond taratoor dip reminded us how much we enjoy this often over-looked vegetable.

rumi melbourne vegan

Throughout the evening select dishes were punctuated with bursts of flavour from fresh herbs and spicy chili, while others were based on more subtle, yet complex tastes. This included the likes of Koosa (zucchini) filled with rice and pinenuts with a saffron sauce, and marinated eggplant with tomato and fresh mint. My plate began to look like a work of art covered in rainbow-like hues of beetroot, olive oil, and red pepper dressing.

Throughout the evening the staff bustled back and forth, providing friendly and professional service. My plus one and I felt comfortable enough for a quality catch-up, which suited the Lebanese share-plate style. Gestures like orange blossom scented hot towels and refolded napkins let us know we were well looked after.

rumi melbourne vegan

Concluding the meal were no less than three orange-themed desserts and matched triple sec on ice. The saffron and blood orange sorbet was served in the fruit’s skin. Orange blossom and rose jam flavoured the almond milk muhullabia (a thick pudding) and imparted a perfume like quality. Then the simple pleasure of sweet Turkish pumpkin with toasted pepitas ensured a full and happy end to the evening.

– Jenny
Jenny S is a food-loving vegetarian.

Rumi’s seasonal feasts are an excellent way to explore the Middle Eastern cuisine and are only $60 per person. Follow Rumi to stay up-to-date on upcoming events.

Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of Rumi Restaurant.
Image credit: Rumi Restaurant.