West Projections film festival

The lights led the way at the free West Projections film festival (15 August to 11 September 2016). Take a guided tour to see all the flashy displays, or go rogue armed with a map. The festival ran over one month with unique walks each weekend to please the eyes. Cool visuals hidden along the streets, it was a scavenger hunt for art. I felt I was on my own little mission of discovery.  

I arrived in Footscray for the States of Blues walk and the town of was painted blue. Sparkling blue lights wrapped buildings in a beautiful blue haze. Getting deep into the theme, I stepped on the scene to find a crowd of guests dancing to the song ‘Blue Monday’.  Beer was available from Two Birds Brewing to get the party started.  

I grabbed a schedule and my Footscray exploration began. I popped into local shops between art stops and chatted to the fellow art seers and the locals wondering the streets. The film creations all had blue flares and ranged in style and format.  Projections could be found in alleyways, inside shops and on sides of buildings. Wonderful visual surprises were around each corner. Great for the family, a solo journey and would invoke conversations if you want to avoid an awkward first date.  

The West Projection Film Festival is the perfect excuse to pay vibrant Footscray a visit. Footscray is a rad place to go and with art to glimpse it’s an experience not to miss. Have a dance, a bottle of brew then a bite to eat. With varying food trucks onsite and international cuisines lining the streets a tasty dinner awaits.  My tip is to book a guide as limited spaces for walks are limited. Arrive early to allow time to park and get yourself sorted.  

If free art installations and film projections doesn’t entice you, the food trucks and parties should.

– Leah
Leah Sparks is a Canadian girl living in Melbourne.  Other than her love of maple syrup, she digs the outdoors, live gigs, the 70s and cruising around time with her white wolf.

Learn more about the West Projections Film Festival at www.wynterprojects.com

Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of West Projection Film Festival.
Image credit: West Projection Film Festival.