Melbourne Fringe: ‘Distraction Society’

Distraction Society was breathtaking. Created and choreographed by Anna Seymour and performed with fellow dancer Amanda Lever. Inspired by Banksy’s graffiti artwork “Mobile Lovers”, Distraction Society embodied the interruption that technology inflicts on intimacy in present day relationships. Members of the audience were moved, at times to tears, as dancing was able to express longing, love, sadness and hopelessness far more articulately than words could.

The deaf community was present in full force at the performance. Entering the anteroom of the space, the room hummed with energy and ripples of uninhibited laughter, filled with people animatedly talking with their hands. The phenomenon of being in a room so quiet yet so filled with energy elevated the anticipation for the performance.

Many will not realise that Seymour is deaf, however this factor must have influenced the staging, lighting and sound design for the work. The sensation of the vibrations of the soundscape that accompanied the work, felt through our seats, bodies, faces and eardrums made for an immersive experience. At times it felt as if the audience was breathing as one with the dancers, the emotive journey was made all the more powerful for it. This graceful, emotive and captivating work serves as a timeless remind that if we are not absolutely present, we are truly missing the most exceptional moment of our lives.

– Emmanuella
Founder of The Find Your Voice Australia, Emmanuella is a voice and performance coach.
‘Distraction Society’ runs 16-18 September 2016 at the Bluestone Church Arts Space. Purchase tickets now.

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Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of Distraction Society.