Opening Gala at Melbourne Spring Fashion Week

Spring is at our door step once again, which means it is about time for us to embrace the new breeze of fashion. Melbourne Spring Fashion Week has always been huge, not only for designers, but also for the fashionistas to keep themselves up-to-date with the new season trends.

I was honoured to have the opportunity to attend the Opening Gala for Melbourne Spring Fashion Week. It was overwhelmingly exciting to witness a runway event first hand rather then on fashion TV. The celebrities and designers looked ever so fabulous in their luxurious outfits. The vibe of the show was brilliant and I was stationed right at the front which gave me the best view of the runway.

Floral and colourful prints have always been the signature for Spring fashion, however, at this years event we where presented with materials that shimmered and glittered and adorned with crystal. Neutral colours of white, black and cream were also heavily featured with decadent elegance while retaining a fresh & cool Spring edge.

A few unfortunate runway mishaps while watching the show provided some extra entertainment for me. A few models stumbled because either some designs were too long, or the high heels malfunctioned.  One incident had the model stop mid runway to remove her broken heels. I wish she would have shown a bit more of grace and elegance while taking off her shoes but the show must go on!

In general I had a blast at my first Melbourne Spring Fashion Week. It’s a great platform to deliver and showcase the new fashion trends of the season. Now it’s time for my favourite part of Spring, see you at the mall!

– Minh
Minh Le is a self proclaimed fashionista & art enthusiast. Follow him on Instagram @mimi_mle.

Disclaimer: The Plus Ones were invited guests of Melbourne Spring Fashion Week.