Empty Bodies at NICA

WOW, is it ok to begin an article with WOW? Well too bad it’s done. Tucked away on Green Street Windsor is the National Institute of Circus Arts, known as NICA. I have walked past here on the way home from Revs (Revolver) and my scatter brain always thought, oh what’s that place about? Well on Wednesday night I finally got to find out with tickets to their latest show.  Empty Bodies is a performance by second year students who have been practicing over 30 hours per week to claim this feat of skill and imagination.

The show is a two act circus/drama extravaganza that delves into the meaning we ascribe to life as we journey from birth to death. Twenty eight students from the Bachelor of Circus Arts along with playwright Stephen Sewell come together to question our existence and what it means to be human. Through twenty-one acts we witness the shear amount of effort that has been put into bringing Empty Bodies to the NICA stage.

The thing that impressed me most is the effortless strength that each cast member exhibited. The show including everything from trapeze, juggling, clowning to cloud-swing with each act seamlessly flowing into the next. Another strength to the work was the scripting, with the storyline being enough to move a few to tears, and this was already during the first act.

NICA without a doubt is providing these students with the ability to be world class performers. If you have not yet had the chance to check out any of the works from NICA students I definitely recommend keeping an ear out for their next show. The performances are well priced and they have a great little bar that you can take drinks inside with you which is a bonus! Be careful to hold on to your drink tight though with all those moments that make you gasp and jump from your seat!

– Brenton
Brenton is a man about town. Revolver regular, booty shaker and cocktail maker! Check him out on Instagram @SoSpinky

Empty Bodies played at NICA from 7-10th September 2016. You can keep up to date with future performances via their website.

Disclaimer: The Plus Ones were invited guests of NICA.