Spring Cocktail Menu at Eau de Vie

With more bartending awards than almost all other Australian bars, it is little wonder Eau-de-Vie remains one of the hottest bars in town many years after opening. Looking for a fresh challenge, the team has devised a fresh new Spring Cocktail menu, which is now available at both their Melbourne and Sydney bars.

The presentation and bartenders performance is all part of the experience. There are elements of magic, unusual and quirky glass wear (or seashells) to drink from and an emphasis on scents and visuals as much as taste. My plus one and I were placed in a prime position at the bar where our friendly German bartender walked us through the highlights of this fantastic new menu.

Our highlights included:

Violets Forget: French rum with wormwood-kissed
vermouth, floral violette, cynar and a hint of pistachio and a burst of soda.

Eau de Vie

Money to Burn: Coconut spiced rum, sloe gin and apricot brandy, the drink also has a twist of magic which has to be seen to fully appreciate.

Eau de vie

Fisherman’s Foe: Stout cask-aged Irish whiskey takes center stage 
here, along with coconut, mint liqueur, herbal Italian digestive and a rich red wine. 
Served in a miniature whale glass, this drink is worthy of a few Instagram shots and tastes a little like a boozy choc-mint ice cream.

Eau De Vie

The cocktail list is full of signature drinks and ‘must try’ cocktails including their Zacapa Blazer, which is set ablaze before serving and tossed between two metal jugs (it looks seriously impressive), and ‘The Noble Experiment’ a super chilled martini using liquid nitrogen.

If you can’t get enough cocktails in your life, Eau-de-Vie also offers a 5 course Cocktail Degustation for groups from 7.30pm every Wednesday to Saturday.

Eau de Vie

As a world-class whisky and cocktail bar, with an accompanied focus on food to cocktail matching, Eau-de-Vie is constantly setting the benchmark in levels of customer service, drinks creation and experience. If you head in for a cheeky after work drink or a fancy date, we recommend booking a seat at the bar to get a taste of Eau-de-Vie’s excellent bartender performance and banter.

– Tomas
Tomas Zagoda is a filmmaker, writer, coffee addict and tall person who does not play basketball. You can follow him @TomasZagoda.

The Spring cocktail menu is available at Eau de Vie Melbourne and Sydney. Bookings are highly recommended.

Disclaimer: The Plus Ones were invited guests of Eau de Vie.
Photo credit: Eau de Vie.