Tell No Tales Festival

It’s safe to say that everyone knows someone in Europe right now. They are probably heading to a festival, or a gig, or a party, or hell even just a dodgy club, and it looks better than your life has ever been, let alone right now sitting in the midst of dreary Melbourne winter.

Hardware have tapped into this in an ingenious way and created the event Tell No Tales. Based on everything you love about a European summer, this techno event will fulfil your wildest fantasies, without costing you the ticket to Europe.  It will kick off your Australian summer and reignite your passion for a proper beat.

The emphasis with Tell No Tales is that this is an event, not a large-scale festival. It’s a unique experience, with nothing quite like it having graced Australians (in Australia) before. You will be able to get lost in the music, not the crowd. It brings everything you love about a warehouse party into the open air, giving you more room to breathe, chill, and maybe make some new friends.

The lineup is essentially an epic list of who’s who in overseas techno talent. Tell No Tales will feel a global influence with artists including Chilean born Ricardo Villalobos (who as you read this is headlining at Sonus Festival in Croatia), Berlin techno duo Pan-Pot (also at Sonus, if you aren’t getting the theme here then you are reading the wrong article). Straight out of the Ukraine, and making her Australian debut, Nastia (hail for female techno DJs), followed by Italians Agents Of Time and you have just a snippet of the first round. This crew is currently tearing up the European summer, and will be more than reading to keep the party flowing.

Tell No Tales is dropping into our radars at a really pertinent time for Australian music lovers. The festival and live music scene is really struggling for many reasons, it seems to be caught in a power struggle with overseas festivals, and government regulations here in Australia. This is literally the event we need to be reminded we have something special right here at home.

– Maddie
Maddie Kilby is a freelance writer amongst many vocations and is the type of person who gets bored easily and likes to find herself in weird places doing weird things. You can follow her at @MadKil6.

Melbourne and Sydney will be the only cities revelling at Tell No Tales this year, but an interstate flight is cheaper than one to Europe. With tickets starting at just $79.95 + booking fee it’s pretty much a steal. It will kick off on December 3rd. Presale and first release are sold out, so you will need to be very quick with general release.

Photo credit: Tell No Tales.