Red Robyn Cafe FODMAP degustation

With food intolerances on the increase, diners are looking for restaurants which can cater to their dietary needs, whilst providing affordable, delicious and varied options. Red Robyn does just that with its monthly FODMAP degustation menu.

In short, FODMAPs are a collection of carbohydrates and sugar alcohols found in foods naturally or as food additives. A low FODMAP diet is claimed to reduce symptoms of fatigue, lethargy and poor concentration. Red Robyn also offers a vegan FODMAP menu.

Each month Red Robyn creates a new theme and I was fortunate to attend the American themed night. On the menu; corn on the cob with a lime and chilli sauce, corn dogs with a cheese sauce, fried chicken in maple syrup with a potato and chive waffle or a bean chimichanga with coleslaw as the vegan main, shoestring fries, macaroni cheese and for desert a chocolate ice cream cookie sandwich, deconstructed key lime pie and candy popcorn with a caramel sauce.

When you think degustation, you may think tiny portions but this was certainly not my experience and I left unable to manage one more mouthful. At $58 a head with BYO wine, this is great value for money for the quality, volume and variety of good food on offer.  I may have exceeded my weekly calorie count in one sitting, but it was definitely worth it. From the comments of surrounding diners, this was definitely the consensus.

The team obviously takes create care in designing a creative menu and the wait staff are very knowledgeable on the menu and ingredients. Even on the night, the menu is not disclosed so you do not know what dish is coming up next which I felt was a clever touch. With so much food to consume, the staff left just enough time between each course for digestion.

There are two sittings starting at 6:30 and 8:30pm. Previous themes have included Italian and Japanese. If you can’t make the degustation, the restaurant is open daily for breakfast and lunch and you will be guaranteed home cooked, gluten-free amazing food with friendly and efficient service. On my last visit I am sure I took at least ten minutes to select a cake, patiently assisted by the owner Robyn who advised on all the varieties on offer.

This is definitely a degustation not to be missed. I truly have not experienced such an inventive meal before and it just goes to show that FODMAP does not equal boring. Keep an eye out on Red Robyn’s Facebook page for the next theme to be announced.

– Rachel
Celebrating 4 years living in Melbourne, Rachel is a fan of theatre, food, the outdoors and all things new and exciting.

Red Robyn holds a monthly degustation advertised on their Facebook page

The venue is accessible.

Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of Red Robyn Café.