Campari Galleria launches in Melbourne

Campari has always been a household name, from a cheeky nightcap to the classic cocktail favourite, the Negroni. The ruby red Italian aperitif is also popularised through the reproduced art works that adorn many interiors from cafes to homes throughout Melbourne and the world. The original works that blend art, advertising and are steeped in Italian culture are located at Galleria Campari, Milan. The posters date back almost as as far as the secret recipe itself which was founded around 1860.
In order to celebrate all that is Campari, a curated selection of Campari Art from 1902 to today have been flown into the country for a series of Campari RED events. The Campari Galleria had a temporary home at No Vacancy Gallery QV where the Campari Tonics were flowing while guests were able to browse the walls filled with original works.
Campari hosts a number of Campari RED events throughout the year so keep an eye out for a chance to experience what they have to offer, and if you miss out, get your favourite bartender to mix you up a Campari Negroni, close your eyes, take a sip and let it take you to the streets of Milan, the next best thing to being there.
– Brenton
Brenton Spink is a social Melburnian who loves a good feed, drink, dance, and other related shenanigans. Find him on Twitter at @SoSpinky.
Disclaimer: The Plus Ones were invited guests of Campari