Changes David Bowie Tribute

CHANGES: A Theatrical Tribute to the Music of David Bowie

Change your plans because Bare Naked Theatre is putting on A Theatrical Tribute to the Music of David Bowie that is a decadent feast for the senses.  This is not your ordinary cover band interpretation of classics; this is a loving and captivating tribute to an artist who’s immortal works span over a period of five decades.

The first thing you’ll notice about this event is obviously the spectacular array of songs performed by one of the 20th century’s most influential artists, but the theatrical performance adds a fascinating visual element to the performance. A cast of about half a dozen talented young actors bring spades of energy to the performance that had the entire audience shuffling away in their seats.

Special mention goes to lead singer Jeff Wortman who is both one of the principal performers as well as the front man of Robot Child. Wortman’s voice has excellent range but is also exquisitely suited to embody Bowie’s baritone. Speaking of ‘Robot Child’, approximately 15% of the band has won a Gold Logie, which is statistically pretty impressive as few bands exceed a threshold of even 10% Gold Logie winners. What I’m trying to say is that Waleed Aly is the lead guitarist, and he’s got some skills.

Director and Female lead Kendall-Jane Rundle has put together a show that is brimming with raw eclectic energy and in her awesome costume she summons the mysterious androgyny that Bowie was famous for. Rundle also does an amazing job of hitting Freddie Mercury’s high notes in ‘Under Pressure’ which was a personal highlight.

During the show something sort of obvious hit me; I will never get to see David Bowie live. I was profoundly saddened by this realization and reflected on it while tapping my feet to the jaunty riff of ‘Rebel Rebel’. My sadness was somewhat allayed by the fact that Bowie has influenced so many artists that his work will never really end; it will be appropriated, adapted and expanded like all great artwork. It will continue to live on in the lives and minds of musicians and performers that he inspired.

A warm The Plus Ones cheerio to Anne – darling mother of comedienne Rose Callaghan who was my plus one to the event on super short notice (we met in the cue for tickets!)

– Rian
Rian Chubb attends events on short notice and will occasionally pick a civilian at random to be his plus one.

CHANGES: A Theatrical Tribute to the Music of David Bowie runs 27 July – 6 August at Gasworks Arts Park in Albert Park. Buy tickets now

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