Glow Winter Arts Festival Guide – 2016

The City of Stonnington’s annual Glow Winter Arts Festival is set to bring some warmth to winter from 11-21 August 2016. Do you remember how we partied last year, the ice-skating rink with several hundred of our Plus Ones’ brethren? This year, the program is sans the rink, but brings the community Particle Bloom!

Particle Bloom – will be a multi-sensory aural and visual feast for happy Glow-festers to immerse themselves in over the festival period. Set in the Praharan Town Hall, we have been promised a 3D extravaganza, bean bags and special sessions featuring live local talent. I’m not sure why, but the term ‘Particle Bloom‘ conjures images of the famous Arcadia from Glastonbury. I’m not entirely sure that’s even close to what we’re going to experience, but I’m excited nonetheless!

Arts Burst – this year Arts Burst looks truly epic. From 6:30-9:30pm over the two Glow Festival weekends (13/14 August and 19/20 August) roving street performers will takeover Stonnington’s main streets in a burst of artistic activity. I’ll definitely be working in one of these weekends along with a Greville Street Projection walk to my winter itinerary.

Flicks ‘n Feasts – the immensely popular movie and food combo held at the Prahran Market is set to return this year. Who can think of a better date night. The market/movie/food combination scores 10/10 in our book for a good evening out.

Glow Comedy – this year the comedy hub at the Melbourne Bowling Club in Windsor brings us the stellar Australian comedic line up: Claire Hooper, Tom Gleeson and Luke McGregor. If one of the three doesn’t warm your cockles in the heart of winter we don’t know what will.

I’d suggest that you plan your day or several days to include a few Glow activities. If you’re able to do this I’m in no doubt that you will conjure a day of incredible arts activities. We hope that you get out of the house this winter and enjoy the light after dark!

– Rukmal
Co-founder of The Plus Ones, Rukmal lives and breathes events. 

Disclosure: The Plus Ones are invited guests of the City of Stonnington.
Photo credit: City of Stonnington.