‘4:48 Psychosis’ at Metanoia Theatre in Brunswick


On a cold Melbourne winter’s night, what better way to spend the evening than being in a room full of warm bodies at the theatre production of ‘4:48 Psychosis’, a play adapted by Bare Naked Theatre at the Metanoia Theatre. Originally written by British playwright Sarah Kane, the workexplores the fine line between life and death.

Director Kendall-Jane Rundle challenges audiences to contemplate the taboo that is suicide, with unexpected form and narrative. The play’s main opening line ‘I am sad’ definitely sets the tone of the play.  Let me say this play challenges the preconceived notions of depression and suicide.

448 Psychosis 2

All I know is that for the 75 minutes I was watching at points I forgot that I was part of an audience and became an observer of the pain, suffering, and loneliness of the main character. This is what I think Kane had meant when she wrote the play – to allow people to connect, albeit it for just a moment, with the pain of mental illness.

This work becomes even more striking when you watch knowing that the playwright herself committed suicide just after the publication of the play. You do question whether you are watching Kane’s ‘suicide note’ or not; I personally believe that all Kane wanted to do is to express how isolating mental illness can be.

Angela Hogan, lover of all at 4:48am and life.

‘4:48 Psychosis’ runs 29 June-2 July 2016 at the Brunswick Mechanics’ Institute (270 Sydney Rd, Brunswick). Buy tickets now.

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