Melbourne Cabaret Festival: Viking Mama

It seemed appropriate that as we took our seats for Jenny Wynter’s new show ‘Viking Mama‘, it was pouring rain outside. Having just left very Scandinavian-like weather, we were shown to our seats by one of three Valkyries, who for the next hour, were going to be the backup singers, sound effects, and works of artistic art for the lead in this wonderful show.

Wynter opened with a battle song fit for a Viking or a stage show, her voice full and melodious, informing us that we were about to travel back to a time when pillage and plunder were fashionable.

‘Viking Mama’ is the creation of Brisbane based performer Jenny Wynter. Wynter had been a regular on the Australian cabaret circuit, winning awards and accolades for her improvisation shows, from sold-out shows at the 2012 Adelaide Fringe festival to winning the Excellence in Cabaret award at the Melbourne Fringe Festival in 2011. Wynter took some time away from the stage and spotlight for personal reasons, but she’s back now, seemingly better than ever.

With an air of the old Monty Python, the show careens along, taking the audience on a journey through the life of a Viking mother as she’s preparing for her child’s birthday party. Interspersed with comic elements, dad jokes and catchy ballades. Personal and crowd favourites were the songs ‘Hot Bogan’ and ‘Have I Gone Too Far’.

The story and cast of characters thoroughly transported us to a much more enjoyable place and time than a cold rainy Melbourne evening. If you are looking for something to do over the next two evenings, do yourself and your friends a favour and run, walk, or swim to the Melbourne Cabaret Festival to see this great show.

– Christian
Christian G.  is an international man of mystery; lover of books, cats and the performing arts; moonlighting as a finance professional by day.

Viking Mama runs 23-25 June 2016 at The Space Dance & Arts Centre. Buy tickets now.
The venue is not accessible.

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Photo credit: Viking Mama.