Bottoms Up cocktail-making class

Cocktails have always seemed like a delicious secret to me. A fancy looking, spectacular tasting beverage that make me feel great but I’m always unable to recreate. Until I attended Chris Amon’s Cocktail Making Masterclass with Bottoms Up, that is.

The award-winning bartender hosted a fun and educational night where I learnt everything from the history of the straw to how Prohibition was the beginning of women being allowed into bars.

Of course the most important lesson of the night was learning how the elusive cocktail is made.

Bottoms Up cocktail masterclass

From beginning to end the night paid homage to the art of the cocktail, including the history of those beautiful things — and of course the tasting of them.

On arrival the class was greeted with the mystic Elderflower Spritz. We then learnt how to make the classic Daiquiri and finished with the opportunity to step behind the bar to create our own classic tipple.

At the beginning when I found out we would eventually have to create our own cocktail I was terrified. Surely someone who’s never spent a day in hospitality like myself wouldn’t be able to create one of those masterpieces that was both tasty and provide the perfect amount of buzz.

However, by the end of the class I not only knew the formulas, rules, and history behind the most infamous concoctions, but was able to create one that in my personal opinion was somewhat mouthwatering. (It included kaffir leaves, Buddha’s hand and chili incase you were wondering).

Bottoms Up cocktail masterclass

So whether you’ve spent years behind the bar or have only ever twisted the cap off your beer, I would highly recommend the Bottoms Up Cocktail Masterclass for impressing future dates or for learning a great new party trick.

Ruby Brown is a freelance writer who will gulp at any excuse to drink cider and explore the delights of Melbourne’s north, only venturing outside the bubble for something truly spectacular.

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Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of Bottoms Up.