A night of literary speed dating with Spark Dating

If I told you it all started with a giraffe onesie and some muffins, you wouldn’t believe me, and anyway it is too long to explain…

So I got roped into reviewing a literary speed dating event by Spark Dating. I was attracted originally by the idea of meeting people who were potentially avid readers. Here I am on a Tuesday night, trying to convince my + 1, Emmanuel, that it’s going to be fun, because I am terrified to go there alone.

He was a tough one to convince:
‘Maybe you will meet The One!’ (Still not convinced.)
‘Okay, I will bake you a chocolate cake.’ (This one works every time.)

We decided to ride there, and showed up to the Brunswick Green on Sydney Road all sweaty and completely out of place. Everybody was all dressed up; we were a little too Fitzroy.

Our host, Jay, kindly explained the rules to everybody. You start at a designated table and change seats every six minutes when the bell rings. That’s for the men. Women stay at their table. At the end, you mark who you would go on date with on a piece of paper and hand it to Jay. If the feelings are mutual you get an email with contact details. Simple. I jokingly said that it was sexist to my first speed date. She laughed.

I was pleasantly surprised by this first chat, and indeed all those after. Despite my initial apprehension, I had a great time! Often the six-minute encounters felt too short.

I even learned some things about neuroscience, added some new books to my reading list, got some cooking advice, learned a little bit of German, and improved my Japanese. The event was well organized, and everything went smoothly.

Whoops, I have to leave you guys now. I just received an email with my matches!

– Erwan
Erwan B. is a French/Australian video editor but mostly waiter, avid reader, and wanna-be writer who tends to go out too much for his own good. As a French person, he does walk around with croissants and baguettes.

Spark Dating runs regular events in St. Kilda Brunswick. Check out their website and Facebook for dates (in both senses of the word).

Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of Spark Dating.
Image credit: Spark Dating.