Comedy Festival: Lynn Ruth Miller: This is Your Future!

Lynn Ruth Miller is far from your average grandma. She’s a granny gone wild.

At first glance of her poster, I knew that I had to go see Lynn Ruth Miller: This is Your Future! Maybe it was the pink feather boa or the big sassy smile on her face. Regardless, that old lady posses a magnetism that drew me in like senior citizens going to the RSL for the early bird special. The Butterfly Club itself was spot on when they dubbed Miller ‘the poster girl for growing old.’ The show was five stars.

Miller is feisty, funny, and provocative. She delivers a highly entertaining show that will make you cringe, blush scarlet into your socks, and laugh so hard you’ll snort.

A self-proclaimed late bloomer to the comedy scene, Lynn Ruth Miller started doing comedy at 71 years old, and she shows no signs of slowing down at 82. Miller begins her show by exposing some of the differences between her generation and younger generations. Prepare to hear Miller recount hilarious tales of her Jewish mother, ex-husbands, and her wild experiences dating online.

Although many of her jokes are centered on female issues…like the excitement of buying your first bra or the torturous experience of getting a mammogram, everyone can appreciate her outrageous jokes. This was evidenced by the large and diverse demographic that made up the audience. It was great that Miller doesn’t rely on the easy ‘over-the-hill’ routine; her comedic chops are as big as her personality. My personal favourites were tales of cooking misadventures due to lost contact lenses or hearing aid mishaps, and simply encouraging audience members to live their lives as fully as she does…on her terms — with whiskey and wine. Great advice indeed!

Lynn Ruth Miller is not your average old lady. She will not pinch your cheeks or change your baby’s nappies, but she is the funniest old lady that I have ever seen. If she baked a Christmas fruitcake, I imagine it would be deliciously boozy and that she would serve it wearing only an apron and big smile.

Make sure you catch her last show this Sunday at The Butterfly Club.

– Vanessa
Vanessa is recent Melbourne transplant from California and a great aficionada of all of Melbourne’s fun and interesting cultural events.

Lynn Ruth Miller: This is Your Future! runs from 23 March – 17 April,  7pm Wednesday to Sunday, at The Butterfly Club. The venue is not accessible. Buy tickets.

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Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of The Butterfly Club.