Comedy Festival: Zanzoop – Feeble Minds

Zanzoop is an explosion of sporadic charming nonsense and you must see it. ‘It’s Dr Phil on ketamine, it’s stupid but it will change everything’. This is the tagline of the show and it’s frankly completely accurate.

The show is delivered from the perspective of an alien, played by Sam Campbell, who has come to earth on a loosely constructed premise of trying to impress his alien father. I have often wondered if Sam Campbell is indeed an alien. He has the quirky charm of a nervous whippet that you’d rescue from the pound, not because it looks like it’s going to be a reliably healthy pet, but because his jittery presence is pleasantly amusing and let’s face it if we don’t rescue him he’s definitely getting euthanised this afternoon.

Feeble Minds’ performance is an hour of calamity. It appears on the surface to be zany and childish, but this appearance belies the sound preparation and solid comedic execution that underpins the act. The performance moves along quickly and delivers to audiences of this late night sketch show a delicious and absurd mix of out-of-this-world insanity. It’s a journey, you’re in space, you’re in Melbourne, you’re in a Baz Luhrmann commercial.

One of the strangest parts of the show occurred after I was selected by Zanzoop himself to battle another member of the audience in a drawing contest while the performers read out facts about the alien pets known as ‘dogons’ (think of a Dorothy-the-Dinosaur-human-centipede hybrid). Long story short, I wound up wrestling a member of the troupe to the ground. It was an unpleasantly intimate experience. I ended up on top, but I most certainly did not win.

This show is not of the absolute widest appeal, but that’s okay. It is not going to please the grumps, or those who expect an hour of mediocre jokes told by a pampered Nova radio DJ. What this show will give you is intelligently crass surreal comedy delivered by a team of comedians who are headed for great things.

Rian is a reviewer who recommends attendees in the front row of Zanzoop’s performance bring a spare change of clothes.

You can catch Zanzoop April 14 – 16 at Roxanne.

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Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of Century Entertainment.