Comedy Festival: Magic Steven – I’m Proud of You

It was after a long day that we went to see Magic Steven‘s ‘I’m Proud of You’.  The Lawler of Southbank Theatre was well attended, except the front row. My partner, not afraid of the front row, suggested we sit there.  I was proud of myself for agreeing. You never know what will happen at a comedy show, especially in the vulnerable front row.

The stage was simple, elegant black with standing microphone and an offset table with three glasses of water. Magic Steven came out and set the scene: he would tell three anecdotes, three travel stories from the volumes that he had collected. These had been written down in his book of daily observations, which he started several years ago.  It was a resolution that had clearly infiltrated his life now. Three tales and three glasses of water.

Each tale (I will not tell the specifics so as not to spoil) was a curious mix of anecdotes and perceptions on the everyday. They were slowly, deliberately, and somewhat innocently told, akin to The Curious Incident of Dog in the Nighttime, or even The Rosie Project (with its Melbourne references). Magic Steven’s intonation made the audience remain quite unsure how the delivery might finally be delivered. There were small giggles from the audience although the show suited the nature of the venue – arty, earnest, and unassuming. Not quite the setting for raucous laughter or crass jokes.

Altogether it was an interesting show, in many ways not what I expected, but in others, exactly what I did. And after a long day, it also suited.

– Cara
Cara is an all round swell gal who enjoys our most liveable city.

Magic Steven’s ‘I’m Pround of You’ runs 12-14 April at The Lawler of Southbank Theatre. The venue is accessible.

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Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of Magic Steven.