Comedy Festival: Rose Callaghan – Rose Before Hoes

Rose Callaghan returns with a solo show this year, ‘Rose Before Hoes’.  Those who are not familiar with her humourous take on her place in world should very well want to get around to seeing her at this year’s festival. Callaghan proves once again that she can instinctively hold a crowd, and has added polish to her definitively relatable material.

Insights into late diagnoses, achievements not yet reached, and lovers with ‘sensitive’ sleeping arrangements are all top-notch and delivered by a very spirited performer; somebody who emanates natural humour out of diverse reflections and evaluations. It’s especially resonant with those who are not quite sure where their lives are heading and why.

Our review for last year’s comedy festival show ‘Return of the Mates’ defined Callaghan as having ‘a sass, a vulnerability, and a powerful self-reflection that is instantly likable, immersible, and ultimately hilarious.’ It is a definition that remains spot-on. This year’s offering further proves that while Callaghan can effectively host and segue guests with her own material, she can also keep a crowd captivated for an entire hour with ease.

This is a performer to keep a watch on. With an early time slot, it’s an eminently sensible beginning to an evening of comedy hopping.

Rose Callaghan’s comedy journey is very much on the up and up.

– Corey
Corey M. Glamuzina is a Melbourne-based actor, writer, improvisor and comedian with an avid involvement in the art of theatre and film.

‘Rose Callaghan – Rose Before Hoes’ runs from 5–17 April (no show on the Monday), at the Forum Theatre Carpet Room. The venue is not accessible.

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Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of Rose Callaghan.