Comedy Festival: 3 States of Comedy – Reinstated

‘3 States of Comedy’ makes a triumphant return this year as ‘Reinstated’. For those unacquainted with the premise of this newly traditional multi-bill show, three comedians, generally with mixed performance styles, battle it out with roughly twenty minute sets while representing their home state.

This year sees Western Australia (the returning, and recently aptly nick-named ‘dark prince of one-liners’ Geoff Setty) defending its title from last year against candidates from Victoria and Queensland. This is a tight hour of delicious smorgasbord-style comedy that really hits it home with the variety of styles presented.

Becky Steepe (representing Queenland) began this particular evening with some lovely observational yarns and curious thoughts, luring the crowd onto her side only to hit them with some great lines. (The paint colour-coding of her skin was a particular highlight.) Geoff Setty shakes up the variety with his continual mastery of the subjectively more difficult one-liner style of comedy. With the added play of bouncing around and riffing off of audience reactions, Setty has really worked on a successful formula and it shows. Some old favourites return, but with a plathora of new, daring, and outright funny material, this is a performer with commanding dedication, and humourous solidarity. Danny Stinson (representing Victoria) rounds off the evening with some very slick storytelling and laugh-out-loud moments of glory. From thought-evoking descriptions of his hometown, to fluid depictions of pest control and landlord woes, Stinson commanded his material with ease — with the audience very much laughing along on the journey.

This is a six o’clock show, highly recommended to get an evening of comedy off to a grand jump start.

– Corey
Corey M. Glamuzina is a Melbourne-based actor, writer, improvisor and comedian with an avid involvement in the art of theatre and film.

‘3 States of Comedy – Reinstated’ runs from 5 – 17 April at the Downstairs Lounge @ the Grand Mercure Hotel. The venue is accessible.

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Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of ‘3 States’.