Comedy Festival: Cath Styles – Shift

Many nurses have stories which could keep us both amused and horrified for ages. Most just tell those stories to their friends. Cath Styles tells all of us about her ‘steady relationship with nursing’ and her ‘hot fling with comedy’.

Cath’s show is not fast stand-up comedy. It’s not just a bunch of gags, but stories from her life as a nurse. It’s more what I think of as a Fringe show: part learning experience and part humour. Sometimes it depends on your background as to which. More than once, all the nurses in the audience laughed at something Cath said while the rest of the room was silent, except for a few gasps.

Not only will you hear what nursing is all about, particularly psych nursing, but you’ll learn the importance of Milo and the career-influencing powers of green scrubs. Cath also fills us in on both the disadvantages and the little-known advantages of shift work. You’ll even be reminded that Bendigo and Ballarat are not the same place.

Another plus for this show is that there is a makeshift bar set up right outside the room and the prices are better than many other venues. So grab a drink and dive into the world of nursing for an hour.

– Craig
Though he avoids other types of needles, Craig Macbride enjoys frequent injections of comedy.

Cath Styles – Shift‘ runs until 17 April at the Downstairs Lounge @ The Grand Mercure Hotel.
The venue is accessible.

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Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of Cath Styles.

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