Comedy Festival: Sameena Zehra – Homicidal Pacifist

We’re in the midst of Melbourne International Comedy Festival and there’s peels of laugher flying around the city… along with awkward silences and those sad moments where you are laughing at – not with – the performer.

There’s a plethora of act styles to work through, from the downright smutty, to the outrageously bonkers. Sometimes, you just want to see someone who has a bit of depth and intelligence. Sameena Zehra’s show ‘Homicidal Pacifist’ is a bit like watching a documentary on a Sunday night – it’s quality time where she makes you think about important stuff that’s going on in the world, without being overly taxing on the brain.

Don’t get me wrong, I was laughing heartily throughout the hour – this woman is so bang on point she gets several applauses throughout, but she happens to be hilarious too. Winning combo in my books.

The show’s name sounds like an impossible contradiction but by the end of the show it all makes sense… peace-loving Zehra wants to put the human race to rights – by doing a cull of the problematic people.

It sounds like her husband is first in the list – she jokes that every time they fall out, she plans his funeral… but she swiftly swerves her dark humour into the state of politics, both here and around the world, dipping into the topics of sex, romance and religion as she goes.

At the end, she asks the million-dollar question – is there hope for the human race?Hmmmm. You can decide that. It’s the perfect kind of entertainment to shake up the brain cells, and ponder over a few beers afterwards.

– Claire
Claire Henderson is a passionate lover of food, fashion, and all things fun and fabulous.

‘Sameena Zehra – Homicidal Pacifist’ plays at the Upstairs Lounge at Little Sista from 5-17 April, Tue-Sun. The venue is wheelchair accessible.

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