Comedy Festival: Comedians Against Humanity

I was warned…twice.  “Have you played the game ‘Cards against Humanity’ before?” asked some friends at get-together prior to the show.  “No,” I replied.  “Hilarious!  Crazy!” they said.  Then they cautioned, “It might be a bit un-PC, so just go with it.  You’d better have a drink before the show,” they suggested, patting me on the arm.  On Facebook I was given the same advice.  So when I arrived at the uber-cool Little Sista, I went straight to the bar and got a wine in hand, then headed upstairs to Comedians against Humanity.  On arrival, audience members were given three playing cards with random topics.  My topics were quite sedate but looking around at the cards of my neighbours I could tell we were in for a risqué ride.  I was not disappointed.

International comedian Yianni Agisilaou hosts the show and he kept the improvisation games hurtling along for an hour.  There were three comedians on the night: Kat Grey, Gordon Southern and Lou Sanders.  Audience participation is essential in this show and the packed house did not hold back with the lewd, crude and clever topics taken from the playing cards.  The first improv game was ‘The Press Conference’ and Lou Sanders somehow found a way to tackle the topics of Child Beauty Pageants and Facts about the Anus.  I told you…I was warned!  The comedians performed solo for most of the show, with Yianni Agisilaou as much a performer as a host.  Gordon Southern displayed edgy wit in the game ‘Movie Posters’ and Kat Grey cracked us up with her suggestions for ‘The Ministry of Emotions’.  As with most improv, some skits worked and some didn’t, but despite the odd fizzer the audience had a great time.

‘Comedians against Humanity’ might make you squirm if you are offended by political incorrectness.  But if you like zany, unpredictable improv where the audience is both participant and spectator, grab a drink in the downstairs bar and give this show a go.

– Katie
Katie Marsh is now celebrating her one year anniversary in Melbourne after having moved from sunny Perth.  Overwhelmed by the choice of things to do in Melbourne, she often wonders why it took so long to move here.

 ‘Comedians Aginst Humanity’ runs Tues-Sun at 10.30pm until 17 April in The Upstairs Lounge at Little SistaBuy tickets here.  The venue is wheelchair accessible with assistance from staff.

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