Blind Boys of Alabama sing gospel at the Melbourne Recital Centre

It’s the first day of April and Melbourne is washed in comedy. The front steps of Melbourne Town Hall are almost like a Red Light District for comedians. While waiting for my concert companion, I am constantly approached by the independent comedians trying to sell their shows for the night. Laughers gonna laugh, but I’m on a different mission. I’m heading to the Melbourne Recital Centre to see the timeless Blind Boys of Alabama for their one and only show in Melbourne. Their band leader Jimmy Carter wittily stated when the eclectic crowd filled Melbourne Recital Centre: ‘The Blind Boys of Alabama sing gospel music. If you’ve come for something else, you’re in the wrong place.’

The curious case of the Blind Boys dates back to late 1930s. The original members of this legendary institution sang together for the first time as kids almost 80 years ago at the Alabama Institute for the Negro Blind. The history of the band saw several concert tours around the globe and four Grammy Awards they took back home. They’ve become one of the most recognised and zestful gospel bands, and they’re only getting better and stronger with each year. For their spirited Melbourne audience, The Blind Boys of Alabama delivered a 90-minute set of soulful gospel music that gradually got the full house Recital Centre up on their feet and dancing.

It’s the night of April 1st, but these guys ain’t no joke. From the looks of it, they won’t go anywhere soon but will be hanging for a bit longer and taking the piss out of their destiny. Catch them next time they’re in town. You can be sure that they will not be there to preach you!

– Bee
Bee crossed the oceans and made a comeback to her beloved city. As a thriving arts manager, she thinks Melbourne is artsy. And cool. Artsy, chilled, and cool!

For more Blind Boys of Alabama, visit their website to purchase their albums. Get some gospel cool in your life!

Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of the Melbourne Recital Centre.
Photo credit: Blind Boys of Alabama.