Comedy Festival: Aunty Donna

Rarely is the top search result for a comedic act a subreddit with some 1,711 subscribers. This doesn’t sound like a massive number but it would put the group’s subreddit about 500 users ahead of Melbourne University and they’re a multinational educational behemoth. What I’m saying is that Aunty Donna has a pretty sizeable online following and it’s well earnt. The group seems to be putting out massive amounts of high quality content. They’re pulling 4-and-a-half-star ratings from tastemakers like the ‘Herald Sun’. Hell, we’re sitting in the middle of a damn Aunty Donna renaissance.

The impressive thing about the Aunty Donna trio (Broden Kelly, Zachary Ruane and Mark Samual Bonanno) is the sheer amount of enthusiasm and energy that goes into every show. My partner and I were sitting right up the front in the second row and spent good portions of the show dodging flying spittle coming out of the cake-holes of the performers in between bouts of groin gripping laughter.

If you are familiar with the comic stylings of the group from their work on YouTube then you have a faint idea of what to expect. But for mine the real demonstration of the talent of Aunty Donna is every member of the group’s ability to develop the show spontaneously through interaction with the audience and react with lightning fast wit appropriately. On a completely unrelated note my favourite sketch was a fantastic account of a late 90’s slumber party that goes on way too long and then miraculously hits the mark perfectly, look out for it.

-Rian Chubb
Rian is a decreasingly young lawyer who claps on the off beat and still can’t get the ‘Round the Twist’ theme out of his head.

You can catch Aunty Donna any night until April 10th at Roxanne. From 12th-15th they are showing at Max Watts. Book in quick, because they are booked up 4 days in advance.  You can buy tickets here!

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Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of HW Publicity.