Bootylicious Beyonce dancing with Bey Dance

What to do on a wet, miserable Friday night where alcohol is banned due to impending sporting activities but this girl just wants to have fun? I’ll tell ya. A bootylicious Beyonce dance class with Bey Dance.

The clever concept has taken off, not only in Melbourne but around Australia, with people desperate to shed their inner fear and become Sasha Fierce (Beyonce’s booty shaking alter ego) – for an hour at least.

I went to Bey Dance party in the tropical LuWow bar on Johnson St, to get a lesson on how to move like Queen Bey. A drop-in casual class welcoming all levels of experience, every week focuses on a difference Beyonce-related song, and tonight was Survivor by Destiny’s Child.

Held in a big back-room, the space was packed with gaggles of giggling girls, and three men, all waiting eagerly to get started. My Jay-Z pulled out at the last minute, so I slinked to a spot at the back, noting everyone was wearing trainers and so sadly put my heels back in the bag for fear of being the only diva who falls over mid dance move.

The fabulously fit dance teacher got us all limbered up doing sexy stretches, before we cracked on with learning the dance bit by bit. It was surprisingly easier than I imagined it would be –  with a little practice any of us could be Beyonce, who knew! Saying that, there were no mirrors in the room, so what I thought I looked like in my head maybe (most likely) didn’t match up to what everyone else was witnessing. But who cares! Everyone is there for a laugh and it’s always handy to have the routine in the back of your mind for nightclub antics after a few too many drinks… I’m cringing already and it hasn’t even happened yet (but it will).

Claire Henderson is a passionate lover of food, fashion, and all things fun and fabulous.

Bey Dance is on Thursdays and Fridays at The LuWow, 6pm, $15, no bookings needed. The venue is accessible. Visit their website for more Beyonce-inspired classes around Melbourne.

Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of Bey Dance.
Photo courtesy of Naomi Matthew.