Next Wave Festival 2016: The Plus Ones’ Guide

The Next Wave is an experimental festival that is unique to Melbourne, running 5 –22 May. Occurring every two years it’s almost a month of performances, dance, art installations, photography and experiences that will get you thinking. With 37 projects across the festival it’s fantastic to know that one third of this year’s artists are Indigenous Australians and three quarters of the projects are led by women!

We here at the Plus Ones have selected the top shows shows that are definitely worth experiencing.

Rachel Perks and Bridget Balodis – Ground Control: 4 – 14 May
With comedy, sci-fi designs and philosophical talk about technological singularities, Ground Control will take you 100 years into the future to meet Chris. Chris is an astronaut on a mission to find Earth 2.0. Rachel and Bridget built themselves a reputation in last year’s Melbourne Fringe Festival with their show ANGRY SEXX, which won Rachel the Melbourne Festival Discovery Award and was nominated for two Green Room Awards. Don’t miss this one!

Janie Gibson – The Voices of Joan of Arc: 3 – 14 May
More women! We all know the tragedy of Joan of Arc, the prophetess, the warrior, the girl. Janie has created a very special theatrical experience that gives voice to women who have been silenced. This intimate performance is made even more special with the electric violinist and vocalist Xani Kolac.

Pony Express – Bathhouse: 6 – 14 May
If you’re into ‘getting dirty’ (in the environmental frame) then Pony Express is a live art experience just for you. When I say live art, I mean immersive  and interactive. This is your chance to get in touch with nature and celebrate biodiversity.

Curated by Johnson+Thwaites – The Fraud Complex: 6 May – 4 June
If you haven’t got the time to see many shows, make sure you see The Fraud Complex. Johnson+Thwaites have curated performances, paintings, photography, videos, sculptures and installations to inspire questions such as ‘what constitutes a fraud?’

Thomas E.S Kelly – [MIS]CONCEIVE: 17 – 22 May
If you’re after high energy, physicality and down to earth stories from the heart, then look no further than [MIS]CONCEIVE. Thomas has combined hip-hop, physical percussion and rhythmic cultural motifs to explore what ti means to be a young urban Aboriginal person in Australia.

The festival is designed in way that the shows are clustered in venues that allow you to see more than one show an evening. I highly recommend using the Next Wave calendar to find events nearby.

– Amber B.
Amber B is a freelance stage manager that is excited to keep you up to date with Melbourne’s best theatre.

The Next Wave Festival run from May 5 to May 22, with events held across the city. Check out the website for further details, shows, locations, and ticketing information.

Disclosure: The Plus Ones are invited guests of Purple Media.
Photo credit: Sarah Walker.